5 Best Car Care Tips

Buying a used car is much better value than buying new. When you buy a new vehicle, the second you sign the paperwork you’ve lost money.

Maintenance costs are often cheaper on used cars as well, however, the more miles a vehicle has or the older the car is, the more likely you’ll have problems that need fixing – unless it was meticulously maintained.

Newer cars are much more advanced and specialized. While cars are becoming much more reliable, you still have to take care of them. Here are the 5 best tips on maintaining your car and making it last.

1. Change the oil: This seems very straight forward but you’d be surprised how many people neglect this simple maintenance tip. Nothing determines the health of an engine better than regular oil changes. Not changing your oil or completely neglecting this simple tip will destroy your engine faster than anything else.

2. Flush the cooling system: Flush the entire system at least once a year. A good mix is a 50/50 of coolant and water. This will keep corrosion and deposits from building up.

3. Wax: Wax will not only make your car look nice but also protect the paint. There are all sorts of things that will cause corrosion such as bugs and acid rain. All these contaminants will settle on the wax instead of your actual paint. It will be much easier to wash your car as well. If you have scratches on your car then the wax will fill them in. Keeping your car looking nice will assure a much smooth resale process down the road.

4. Wash your car regularly: One of the most damaging and corrosive things you can do to a car is something that keeps us safe in the winter. While salt is a necessary evil wherever it snows it still does a lot of long term damage underneath of our cars. There’s a lot that can get stuck underneath the car and regular car washes washes it off before it does too much damage.

5. Park in the shade: This will prevent the vinyl from wearing out and losing moisture. It will also save money on gas because it won’t evaporate as much in the shade. The sun can also wear out your paint and leave spots. Of course, trees also protect your car from hail storms.

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These 5 simple car care tips will save you money over the long run.




Basic car maintenance infographic
Infographic by: Allianz Australia Car Insurance.

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