5 Interesting Facts About The History Of Jeep

Jeep grand cherokee

Modern Jeep exudes comfort, style and ruggedness

When people think Jeep they think freedom. It’s rich heritage dates back to the dawn of World War 2 where Bantam, Wyllis and Ford collectively produced the template for the vehicle know as “Jeep.” They delivered the prototype quad, named for it’s legendary 4X4 system. The prototype was delivered on veterans day in 1940 and completed in an unheard of 75 days. That’s when it all started and Jeeps were seen all over the world. It’s faced the most dangerous areas and the toughest terrain imaginable.
When anyone thinks Jeep they think adventure and that continues on to this day!
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Jeep is a mid-size SUV made by Chrysler which uses a unibody chassis. It all started back in 1983 when American motors corporation began work to replace the smaller Jeep XJ. Jeep started back in 1983 as American Motors corporation began designing a successor to the smaller Jeep cherokee.
  1. The president of Chrysler, Robert Lutz, drove the Detroit city mayor in the first Jeep Cherokee through a plate glass window and made quite the entrance on Cabo Hill. It was a red Grand Cherokee ZJ Laredo. Sales began shortly thereafter in April 1992.
  2. The original Jeep grand cherokee was launched in 1992 with other luxury SUVs of the time. They came in 3 trim levels as they still do today. The base, limited and Laredo. The lowline model was eventually
    Military Jeep

    Military Jeep – Jeeps have come a long way since this spartan utility vehicle

    discontinued due to low demand because of the small price difference in upgrading. The limited was the best model and had leather seating, power sunroof, heated seats and heated mirrors. If you were stuck in a snow storm that was the Jeep for you.

  3. In 1998 Jeep released the Grand Cherokee Limited. The 5.9L claimed to be the fastest SUV in the entire United States. This Jeep would fly with excellent acceleration and amazing handling. You wouldn’t believe how much fun the Jeep grand cherokee limited was to drive until you ended up behind the wheel.
  4. In 1999 Jeep redesigned the Jeep Grand Cherokee which only shared about 120 parts with it’s previous models. The V8 pushrod engines were replaced by the new powertech engine. The new V8 had less torque than a pushrod but had much better fuel economy. Quadra drive was also introduced which featured a new venture gear NV247 transfer case.

Why do people love Jeep? When we see people driving car, truck or SUV we come to a quick conclusion to how much money they make. A BMW attracts rich people as does a Mercedes-Benz. A Ford or Chevy seems to attract more working class people and families.

This isn’t the case with the Jeep.

Jeeps seem to appeal to rich, poor and working class alike. Jeep sells equally well among all classes of people which is unheard of for a car company. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, doctor, lawyer, laborer, mechanic, server or anyone else. People from all walks of life drive Jeeps and will probably continue to do so. Jeep is one of the best selling SUVs in the US and shows no sign of slowing down.

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The first Jeeps were produced for the military in World War II. It was the do anything vehicle that could go anywhere. A swiss army knife of cars, trucks or SUVs that would never leave you stuck in the mud. You could find Jeeps in the deepest and darkest jungles, the frozen waste lands and mountain ranges, deep mud pits of the forest or rain soaked roads during freak storms.

Once soldiers came back from the war they had the very best impression of a Jeep possible and happily spread Jeep joy all around the United States.

No matter what model it is when people think Jeep they assume off-road capability. The think that if they get stuck in a tough situation their Jeep will find a way to get them out and keep them safe in the process. It’s a simple SUV that cradles the spirit and imagination all at once.

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