A Quick History Of Chevy Monte Carlo


The Monte Carlo is a car made by Chevy that began production back in the year 1970 all the way through the year 2007. It was originally marketed as a personal- luxury coupe while the last model year was called a full-sized coupe. It is well known for having outlived most of it’s competitors who were mostly pretenders in the race for personal-luxury coupe supremacy.

The first four generations were V-8 powered rear-wheel-drive with separate body-on-frame construction. The smaller engines became more popular in the 1980’s to meet the much tougher fuel-economy regulations during the energy crisis that lead to gas shortages and increased prices at the pump. It remained extremely popular despite all the energy regulations.

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The Monte Carlo started as a alternate choice to the Pontiac Grand Prix. It eventually stopped production on June 19th, 2007. The Chevy Camaro eventually filled the roster spot of the Monte Carlo as a two door coupe. The Monte Carlo was also an extreme success in NASCAR racing. It was the most dominant car until the early 1980’s until NASCAR went towards a more smaller wheelbase.

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