Quick History Of Lexus



If you had told American car companies that the Japanese would overcome their dominance on the market in the early 1980’s, they would’ve laughed you out of the room and had you committed. Lexus started during a top secret meeting between Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda and his best and brightest company executives. Their meetings were to discuss the development of a luxury-car line that could beat out American brands. It was code named F1-Flahship 1. This vehicle eventually became known as the Lexus LS 400.

Lexus is now sold globally and is Japans largest-selling luxury vehicles. It is marketed in over 80 countries. Lexus is based out of Nagoya, Japan
The manner in which it was created was not a simple design process put to pen and paper. The Japanese went all out, renting a house in Laguna Beach to observe their future customers much more closely. After some long term consumer research and advanced engineering techniques, the LX 400 was an instant success.

Armed with insightful advertising, the Lexus LS 400 made it’s debut in Detroit in 1989. All it took was 24 engineering teams, a few thousand employees and 450 prototypes to arrive at the final product. A $1 billion investment didn’t hurt either.

The biggest selling point that Lexus had over Acura was that it had reached the US 3 years before and it was very unique. Original Acura’s were sold as rebadged Hondas while the Lexus had very little connected to Toyota design patterns.

It was described as powerful, reliable, ergonomic and silent. Once the Lexus entered the market sales for Mercedes Benz and BMW plummeted.

During the first few years of sales, Lexus became the top selling luxury car in the United States. Just like the smoothness of it’s cars Lexus expanded steadily through an 81-dealership network. It was the top selling luxury car in the U.S. Two new models were sold in 1991, the Lexus SC400 and the Lexus ES 300 sedan. Lexus eventually entered the SUV market releasing the LX 450 in 1996 which was based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 100. In 1998 the Lexus would release the RX, a top-selling crossover based on Toyota Camry model. The Lexus Hybrid Drive system on the 2005 RX 400h resulted in a large spike in sales.

Lexus has steadily grown ever since it’s introduction in 1989 and continues to do so to this day in over 50 countries!

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