Quick History Of Infiniti G Series


Infiniti is part of the Japanese automotive giant Nissan and is the first in there luxury line that began selling in the year 1989. It is a compact car and considered and entry level luxury vehicle. It’s first 2 generations were off shoots of the Nissan Primera. It is now in it’s fourth generation. Just like the Nissan Primera before it the G20 is considered a entry level luxury sedan. It was an alternate to the Infiniti Q45. The original tag line was “Born in Japan. Educated in Europe. Now available in America.” There are now 2 generations of G20 that are in the United States. These include the HP10, otherwise known as the P10, which was built from 1990-1996 and the HP11 made from 1998-2002. Mamoru Aoki was the original designer.

The G20 was shown during the 1989 New York International Auto Show to Infiniti Dealers. It was unveiled to the public at the 1990 show. It came with a manual 5-speed transmission and offered automatic transmission, leather interior, and a power glass moonroof. The first touring edition came out in the year 1994 and had bucket seats and a leather interior.

The engine ran on an SR20DE inline 4-cylinder. It transversely mounted dual overhead cam naturally aspirated reciprocating internal combustion engine. The transmission had an optional 4-speed automatic but came standard with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The G20 was basically a version of the Nissan Primera but had much better equipment in comparison. The engine that came standard was the 2.0 litre SR20DE Inline 4-cylinder which was the very best engine available for the Primera lineup. The 5-speed manual was considered one of the best if not the best in the business. It came with a leather wrapped steering wheel, gearshift knob, floor mats, cruise control, theft-deterrent system, bose stereo, alloy wheels, ABS, 4-wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, power mirrors, power locks, and power windows.

The Infiniti G20 was eventually discontinued in favor of the 2003 RWD G35 which was a version of the JDM V35 Nissan Skyline. The G35 is larger and more powerful than the G20 and was marketed towards the entry level premium-sports sedan instead of the G20’s premium-sport compact market.

If you talk to anyone who knows anything about cars they will gush about the reliability of the Infiniti G20. The reliability is legendary and if you can come across a G20, especially a 5-speed manual, you should hold onto it for dear life. The maintenance is low and it was ahead of it’s time. Finding a G20 in great shape is difficult to do but if you come across one buy it as soon as you can.

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