Now Is The Time To Go Buy Here Pay Here

Now is the best time to go to a buy here pay here used car dealership. Gas prices are going down and food prices should soon follow. It’s a great opportunity to begin fixing your credit profile. The best way to do that is financing a car. If you have bad credit it your best […]

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Buy Here Pay Here Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

When people shop buy here pay here dealers they can have trouble understanding how it works. It can be confusing to find yourself in a bad credit situation. Sometimes it can be hopeless for you to get out. It really doesn’t have to be. Buy here pay here financing is a great way to rebuild […]

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Lakewood Buy Here Pay Here Buyers Guide

If you’ve never heard of buy here pay here or how it works then this guide is for you. There are several buy here pay here dealerships in the Lakewood area but the real question is which one should you go to? Which ones are good and how do they all work? This guide will […]

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Best Cars To Buy From a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

When you go to a buy here pay here dealership it’s most likely because you have credit problems. This doesn’t make you a bad person. You can finance a car and fix your credit by financing at the right buy here pay here dealer. No all of them report but the ones that do are […]

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Buy Here Pay Here explained

Shopping for a car can be both stressful and exciting for most people. It is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. There is more information available than ever before but for whatever reason despite that it’s still easy to make a mistake. But here pay here shopping can be even more […]

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Why you should use your tax refund for buy here pay here

  Buy here pay here is the fastest way to rebuilding your credit if you’re in a bad credit situation. The loans are short term so you’ll own the car faster then usual while also raising your credit score in the process. Because it’s tax season you’re probably getting a refund of some sort. This […]

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Need to sell your used car? Get an instant no-hassle quote on your vehicle. Econo Auto Sales provides a safe, easy and fast way to receive cash for most used cars. Bring your vehicle into our showroom and receive an instant, no obligation offer on any make, model, year or condition vehicle. Rest assured that […]

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Bad Credit and a Low Down Payment?

There a few reasons why down payment is important, all to the customer’s benefit. 1. Uncle Sam: This dealership pays your taxes for you up front. This means that a chunk of your down payment has to pay taxes before hitting the balance. When you take out a loan you pay interest. The bigger your down payment […]

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