Undocumented Workers Get Drivers License In Colorado

Colorado has just recently passed a law that will allow illegals and undocumented workers to get drivers licenses and ID cards regardless of their status. Less than a decade ago a strict law was passed that did not allow those without a Colorado drivers license or immigrants to get a drivers license or ID card. This made it so they could not buy cars or get insurance.
Thousands of undocumented workers and immigrants are signed up to get their cards. There are roughly 10,000 signed up over the next 90 days with more signing up every single day. Illegals and those in the country with legal status qualify.
The demand has been coming for quite some time now. The website to sign up has crashed at one point because of how much traffic there is. More locations will be added but for now the only places accepting them are Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Grand Junction.
In 2006 both Democrats and Republicans in Colorado passed a strict group of laws that cracked down on illegal immigration. This included requiring law enforcement to notify federal authorities when they arrested someone suspected of living illegally in the US. That law is now gone.
Colorado is among eight states that passed laws allowing identification documents to those in the country illegally. Illinois and Nevada have already issued documents and California will start in January. This shows how immigrants are being viewed in a much more positive light than ever before, especially in a place like Colorado that has a very large immigrant and undocumented worker population.
Those who oppose it say that it rewards illegal immigrants and encourages them to come over. Supporters say it will lead to safer roads because new drivers will have a better understanding of the rules when the pass the driving tests. Police will be able to correctly identify people in accidents and routine traffic stops.
Having a drivers license will give immigrants and undocumented workers piece of mind as well. They will have proper identification to show police for routine traffic tops and not have to worry about deportation as much as before.
Documents will be renewed every three years and cost $50.50. The cards will also be marked to say that they can’t be used to vote or to obtain federal benefits. In Oregon the law was put on hold until November to ask voters if it should be implemented.
If you have any questions about how to buy a car as an undocumented worker or illegal please call us at 303-623-1926.


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