BHPH Myths

BHPH Myths

What is the buy here pay here advantage? There is a lot of confusion out there on buy here pay here and how it all works. The basic idea is that it is a way to finance someone who has bad credit or no credit. Bad credit issues that a place like Econo Auto Sales will work with are bankruptcy, foreclosure, missed payments, repossession or any other related issues. If you can’t get financed through a traditional bank or credit union contact us and we can work with you.

Advantage #1: Financing a car with no money down

Financing a used car with no money down sounds good at first but when you take a look at the numbers it’s not always the best route to go. Uncle Sam always gets his cut and car dealerships are no different. Econo auto Sales pays your taxes up front and a small down payment won’t always be enough to hit your principal. The more money you put down the lower your payments will be. You’ll also qualify for a wider range of cars, trucks and SUVs.

The good news is that we give you 60 days to make your first payment and 45 days for down payment. If you have as little as $199 down w.a.c. and w.a.d., we can still work with you. Contact us today and get pre-approved in 5 minutes or less!

Advantage #2: Reporting your credit

Everyone who goes to a buy here pay here car lot has credit issues. Most of you want to rebuild your credit. Econo Auto Sales works with outside companies that report your payments to all 3 major credit agencies. This could in turn raise your credit score long term which will also save you money. A better credit score means lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.

So if down the road you want to upgrade or switch into something else, we can accommodate your needs to do so.

Advantage #3: Flexibility

Banks and credit unions have certain requirements to sell you a car. They fall within certain guidelines and if you don’t fall within the parameters they won’t finance you.

Instead of trying to force you into something that won’t work, a buy here pay here dealership like Econo Auto Sales will adjust for your specific situation. If you have a small down payment like $199 we can give you 45 days to come up with the rest and even defer your first payment for 60 days. Dealing with bad credit is tough and not everyone’s situation is the same. We will gladly help get you back on the right path.

Call us today and get pre-approved in 5 minutes or less. 303-623-1926