Finding The Right Car On Colfax Avenue

If you haven’t heard of Colfax it’s a street in Colorado that has a lot of history around it. The biggest urban legend surrounding Colfax is that it’s the longest continuous street in America. That isn’t true and came about because it weaves it’s way up into the mountains somewhat. Back in it’s day it was one of two principal highways serving Denver before the interstate came about. In it’s entirety it runs 53.3 miles which is a whole bunch of road to ride on. It weaves through Aurora, Lakewood, Denver, Wheat Ridge, and Golden. There are multiple different cultures that congregate on Colfax Avenue. Depending on where your at it’s a completely different world. It weaves all the way through the heart of Denver all the way to Aurora.

On the West side of Interstate 25 there is a long string of Used car dealerships that stretches for miles and miles right next to a lake called Sloans. Amongst these Car dealerships are used cars of all different types from the oldest of beaters to the newest model of BMW, Ford, Toyota and everything else in between. What this area mostly focuses on is getting people financed who have bad credit or no credit. This means if you have previous credit issues, such as repossession, foreclosure or missed credit card payments. This can make things confusing because with all that inventory how do you find the right used car dealership? How do you find someone you can trust who also sells quality cars, trucks and SUVs?

Here’s a quick guide as to how to find the right car on the Lakewood/Denver side of Colfax Ave.

1. Stability: If you have bad credit or no credit everything is a little more expensive. Because you have a high risk history it’s hard to secure a loan on anything. Because of that the process of securing a loan is a little different. There are some places that still go off of credit score or history. Avoid these places if you can and go somewhere that bases their lending practices on stability. Stability is basically current job history and place of residence among other things. Call the dealership and ask them how they go about their business. If they’re vague and just tell you to come in without answering any questions then you don’t have to go in. They don’t have to be nice but they should at least be willing to answer a couple of your questions before you make the trip down here.

2. Low Down Payment Plan: Lets face it, not many of us are made of money anymore. It’s hard to end up with a large amount of cash to put down towards a car. To overcome Jeepthis some places offer deferred down payment plans where your first payment isn’t due for 60 days and you can complete your down payment over 45 days. This means you can get financed for as little as $99 down and often times for as little as a few hundred down. So you can drive off with the car and move on with your life without having to find a way to save up all that money to put down.

3. Credit Reporting: Some places on Colfax report your payments to a credit agency and some don’t. It’s very important you find a place that reports so you can rebuild your credit history in the process of paying. If you end up paying a car off and have no history to show for it whats the point of paying it off? Once you rebuild your credit history you can get lower interest rates and save tons of money.

4. Wise old car dealership: There are a lot of fly by night used car dealerships that disappear into oblivion just as soon as they show up. The car business isn’t easy and there are more places that go under than actually survive. Look for a place that helps people with bad credit but also has been around for over 15-20 years. In an industry with a lot of dishonest people they have withstood the test of time and must be doing something right.

5. Variety is better: If you go to a place and they have the same model of car then go to another. Do your research. There are some places that only focus on cars that have been discontinued or companies that no longer exist. Find a place that offers Ford, Toyota, Chevy, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Lexus and everything in between.

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