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One of the benefits of financing a car through Econo Auto Sales is that we make things as convenient as possible. Not only do we finance bad credit and all other credit issues we also can help you figure out how you can rebuild your credit score. On top of that we give you more cash for your trade-in than others in the Denver, Lakewood or Aurora area.

Most people go by NADA and Kelly Blue Book to determine how much their car is worth and what they should get for it. These are nice tools to have but at the end of the day the car business is like any other market out there. The prices fluctuate according to a plethora of factors. Just like how gas prices are plummeting now because of all sorts of different reasons car, truck and SUV prices can also change from state to state. Kelly Blue Book and NADA really only account for that specific moment in time. As soon as they are released the pricing can be out of date and no longer useful in determining fair market price.

About 12 years ago around when gas prices were rising sharply a 1994 Geo Metro went for around $8,000 on eBay because it got 40MPG! That car wasn’t even worth $500 and although it may have saved you money on gas can you really see yourself driving a GEO Metro long enough to recover those savings? Couple that with maintenance costs and it wasn’t worth the price it went for. People were panicking at the time and they made an irrational decision and whoever bought that car paid dearly for it.

In Nevada you can get SUVs for much cheaper than in Colorado because the perception of use isn’t there. In Colorado we have all different ranges of weather. It can be blizzard conditions one day only to watch the snow melt the next. Snowboarding and skiing culture is huge here and people often need an SUV for weekend trips into the mountains. There are plenty of outdoor hiking spots as well. In Nevada everything is flat and hot and the only reason you’d truly need an SUV is to show off or if you needed it for work. Because of this SUV sales aren’t as high as they are in Colorado.

This is where Econo Auto Sales comes in. We have a professional buyer on staff at all times who has been in the business for 30+ years! All he does is buy inventory to be sold for the Econo Auto Sales dealership. He will assess your car and give you top dollar for your trade in. If you don’t want to trade it in and only need cash we will pay you on the spot.

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You also won’t have to worry about the mechanical repairs. We have taken cars in as trade that ended up costing us thousands to fix. This doesn’t mean we won’t give you top dollar for it. It just means we’ll take the hassle out of your hands for you. Our cash for cars program is designed to be convenient as possible. You can rebuild your future all in one place at Econo Auto Sales. Our program accepts low down payments. If you only have a few hundred down we can help you.

If you need cash for your car and live in the Lakewood, Aurora, Denver, Thornton, Englewood, Littleton or Northglenn area give us a call now 303-623-1926. We take in all different models of vehicles including Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Acura, Volvo and Lexus.

If you’ve got bad credit you can get back to rebuilding your future by simply financing a car, sports utility vehicle or truck with us. It doesn’t matter if you have a previous repossession or unpaid medical bills. Our finance team bases their terms on stability NOT credit score. Contact us today and get back on track to rebuilding your future.


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