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Everyone needs a car. Not everyone has the credit to get one in this market. Banks and credit unions have a set of standards you need to fall into to finance you. If you don’t fall within these parameters then you can’t get financed.

So what’s the solution? Buy here pay here auto sales is a great way to get a quality used car while you work on fixing your credit. Here are 5 ways that buy here pay here works in Colorado.

1. Bad credit or no credit: If you have bad credit then you probably can’t go to a traditional used car dealership. Your best bet in Colorado: buy here pay here. They will work with any and all types of credit issues. If you have a bankruptcy, foreclosure, prior repossession, missed payments or any other credit issues, most buy here pay here dealers will help you.

2. Rebuild your credit: Most Denver

Bad things happen to good people. Everyone falls on hard times. The difference is in what you do to get back onto your feet. When you’re buried in debt it can feel like the weight of the world bearing down on your shoulders. While you need to take out loans to re-establish credit no one will loan you anything to do so. Getting a credit card with a small credit line is next to impossible and it would hardly do anything to improve your score anyways.

So what’s the answer? Unlike other used car dealerships, buy here pay here dealers are typically the only car lots willing to take any kind of chance, because they’ll finance bad credit. They are known as a buy here pay here car dealership, special finance or bad credit auto dealers. The only difference being that special finance usually deals with people who want to buy newer cars.


There is a history or a story behind everything: a country, a culture, a museum, a building, and even the simple everyday objects. Some are interesting such as those of adventure or war, and some are boring or dull of tradition and evolution of tools.

Well just like everything else there is also a history behind businesses. Yes I know, you never really think about the history of a business, unless by chance you’re an entrepreneur yourself. Believe it or not buy here pay here car dealers have a history of their own as well.

Buy here pay here used car lots started mainly in the 1970’s when everyone had to save their money and loans where extremely hard to get from the banks; unemployment rates were increasing and the economy was trying to change.

People couldn’t afford to buy a car with cash or were unwilling to pay the rising prices for a new purchase.

When you have bad or no credit or are a first time buyer it may seem impossible to get a quality used vehicle in Denver.

Most people think that just because they have bad credit issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, previous repossessions, unpaid medical bills or missed payments they’re trapped, that they are stuck riding the bus until the end of time.woman-looking-at-smartphone-annoyed (2015_10_27 17_15_05 UTC)

This [...]

When you’ve got no credit, bad credit, previous credit issues or a prior repossession you’re best bet to get financed is a buy here pay here dealership in Colorado. There are buy here pay here dealerships all around Colorado but most of them are focused in a few key areas. You can find buy here pay dealerships in Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, Thornton and Englewood.

While there are buy here pay here dealers in these cities that help people with bad credit, not all of them are good. Just like any other reputable business or car dealership you need to do your research. Just because you have bad credit or no credit doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you need a little help getting back on track. We aren’t taught financing in school until we get into college. Even then the best way to learn

Family with keys of new car

When you have bad credit or no credit there aren’t that many options other than buy here pay here. The truth is that not all buy here pay here dealers are created equal. Some of them care about their customers while others only want your money. The trick is to find the ones that care about not only their customers but also their own inventory. While shopping for buy here pay here dealerships here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Payments: Everyone wants the lowest payment possibly but what if I told you the more you paid the more money you’d save? A low $200 payment spread out over a long period of time will actually end up costing you more money in the long run than a lower payment. There are some buy here pay here dealerships that will


There are a lot of options if you have bad credit. While having bad credit isn’t the most ideal situation if you know how and where to buy then you can rebuild your credit history for the future. It seems like there are a lot of buy here pay here dealers out there but the truth is they aren’t all the same. Just like any other business they aren’t all created equal. Some are better than others and there are a few you wouldn’t want to send your worst enemy to.

What distinguishes a good buy here pay here dealership to a bad one?

1. Clean cars: Buy here pay here dealers get their cars from all over the place. It’s not quite as important to know where it came from but whether or not the car lot took the time to service it. Not all buy


Buy here pay here has been around for quite some time now. It has most recently gained popularity when the economy took a nose dive. Over night people’s credit went up in flames and so did their income. Most dealerships require a certain credit score before you can be financed for a vehicle. If you don’t have that score then they won’t even entertain you. Once you have a high enough score you usually need a down payment of $1000-$1500.

This leaves people with bad credit with very few choices other than to turn to a buy here pay here dealership. For whatever reason there are a lot of common misconceptions when going to a buy here pay here dealer. More often than not they have a really bad reputation as dealerships and car lots who charge high interest rates and repossess you only to sell the car again. This isn’t true and here’s

Buy here pay here car lots are everywhere. Most of the time they are found in or around cities in densely populated areas. They are designed to get people financed with no credit or bad credit and sometimes with a low down payment. If you have credit issues a buy here pay here dealership may be your only choice. There are pros and cons to everything you do in life including buy here pay here. It’s up to you to decide whether or not buy here pay here is the best route for you or if there are better options. The bottom line is there are good buy here pay here dealerships and bad buy here pay here dealerships. Before you make a choice make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

Cons of buy here pay here financing

Buy here finance here car dealerships are everywhere for a reason. In a down economy a lot of people have bad or no credit or spotty payment history. Unfortunately, none of that will help you finance a car through a regular dealership. Buy here pay here dealerships help good people who have no or bad credit get financed for a car. Some of them, although not all of them, also work with other companies so your payments get reported which in turn improves your financial scores. Having a higher credit score lowers your interest rate and raises your financial profile in the eyes of any company that you can get a loan from, including a bank or other finance company.

One of the complaints of buy here and pay here dealerships are the prices. This isn’t by accident that they are a little higher than if you

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