How to find auto financing in Lakewood Colorado


When looking for auto financing in Lakewood, Colorado it’s important to do a little work beforehand. If you take the time to read up on the surrounding car dealerships in the area you’ll be able to find out which ones are good and which ones are bad. Some of them may only finance people with good credit leaving bad credit buyers twisting in the wind. Others will finance bad credit and first time buyers or have special programs that work specifically with that customer base.

The first thing to do is determine whether you have good or bad credit. It’s important to find this out before shopping for a vehicle because some places can’t finance you with bad or first time credit. There are places that specialize in only financing bad credit customers called buy here pay here. These are the places you want to focus your attention on in Lakewood, Colorado. If you got to other places you may just be wasting your time as they won’t be able to finance you anyways.

From this point you should try and narrow it down a little more. There are some buy here pay here dealers who will work with previous repossessions, foreclosures, credit issues or legal issues and some that won’t. Not every place you go to is very understanding when it comes to life issues so you should focus on a place in Lakewood who does. Depending on your current life situation you may need a car right away and don’t have time to go from one buy here pay here dealer to the next.

Often times the Lakewood buy here pay here dealers you should zero in on are the ones that do some sort of down payment deferment program or first payment deferment program. If you’re short on cash and need a car right away to get back on track then these programs help you to save money before having to make your first payment.

Before going into the Lakewood buy here pay here dealership it’s best to see what kind of documents you need to drive home with a car the same day. Some places take upwards of a day to finance you and others maybe able to finance you in 1 hour or less. Find the places that can get you driving off the lot in 2 hours or less. That’s a very reasonable time frame and anywhere that takes longer than that is wasting your time.

Before you go into a Lakewood dealership they should already know whether you have good or bad credit. There is no need to go over the same stuff over and over again once you go there. Bad credit is sometimes hard to get around but it shouldn’t be some long drawn out situation. There are plenty of Lakewood dealerships that will welcome bad credit and not make you feel bad for having it.

There are some Lakewood car dealers that will report to a credit bureau and others that won’t. The places that do are the ones you should go to. Avoid the ones that don’t like the plague. Fixing your bad credit should be a big priority so when you’re done paying off the car your credit score will have raised and you can get a much lower interest rate long term.

Now that you know what to look for it’s time to get out their and do some research!


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