In House Financing Car Dealerships

Buying a car is something most people have on their mind throughout the year. This can be for various reasons such as a life event or that you just want to upgrade to something nicer. It’s harder to buy a vehicle if you have bad credit. There is a solution to this issue and it’s called in house financing. In house financing is a way that you can overcome issues that banks or credit unions may hold against you. Here’s how in house financing works. toyota_truck_89_8H8_05 What is In house financing? In house financing is a way to get financed without having to go to a bank or a credit union. If you have bad credit or no credit than your best and only bet is to get in house financing. It means that the dealership you buy a car, truck or SUV from will loan you the money personally.

How do I get In house financing? All you have to do is go to a dealership that specializes in In house financing. Not all dealerships participate in this type of program and only hand pick there customers. This is because larger dealerships have deals with banks to finance people through.

What do I need to get In house financing? Most of the time all you need is a drivers license, pay stub, place of residence and a phone number. Every body has a different situation when it comes to bad credit. In other words, one size doesn’t fit all in this equation. You’ll also need your down payment in cash as most of these places do not accept personal checks or credit cards.

How do I know I should go get In house financing? If you have a bankruptcy, Foreclosure, repossession, missed payments or any other credit issues you should go to a place that specializes in In house financing. In house financing dealerships are much more flexible and are located in Aurora, Lakewood, Littleton, and Denver.

What if I have no credit? No credit is similar to bad credit except you don’t have any history for companies to go off. Once you build credit history than you can get lower interest rates. When you go to an In house financing place make sure they also help you rebuild your credit history. If they do not than you don’t have to buy from them and go somewhere that does.


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