Quick History Of Toyota Camry


The Toyota Camry is one of the best selling and most reliable cars of all time. It is sold by the Japanese automaker Toyota and started in 1982. It started as a compact vehicle but later became a mid-size sedan as well. It is thought of as the second “world car” after their very own Toyota Corolla. Camry is only sold through Toyota Corolla Store dealerships in Japan. It has also been rebadged as the Toyota Vista which was introduced in 1982 as well.

The Camry name originated from the Toyota Celica which was called the Celica Camry. It started selling in 1980 at the Toyota Corolla Store dealership in Japan. The Celica Camry is not considered the first generation of Camry but it’s predecessor. The Celica Camry uses a front-engine, rear wheel drive system.

The first generation of Toyota Camry came out in 1982. It was called model code V10. Sales of the V10 Camry in the US began in March 1983. by the year 1985 it had sold 128,000 units. Deluxe and luxury editions were also eventually offered. The second generation was dubbed model number V20 and went on sale in Japan in 1986. In overseas markets Toyota made station wagons for the first time ever. The V20 was made during a time of heightened spending and incredible attention to detail was made into their cars. They used high end materials and build quality to rocket ahead of the competition. Toyota, like Mercedes-Benz, became known for their overly reliable, overly engineered cars that no other company could come close to touching. The Toyota Camry V20 was considered a cheaper Japanese version of a Mercedes. The V30 Toyota Camry came out in Japan in July 1990. The Toyota Camry V40 came out in 1994 only for the Japanese auto market. The Toyota Camry V50 is the first of Toyotas company wide makeover. Toyota began to venture into the front wheel drive market and is the first real redesign since the 1982 model of Camry.

The Japanese automaker continued it’s onslaught of American made vehicles eventually vaulting itself into what is considered the number 2 world car. When people think of Toyota Camry they think of incredible engineering and reliability. Toyota is a company everyone enjoys as their cars, trucks and SUVs are some of the most reliable and safest cars on the road that also retain their resale value.

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