The Real Reasons People Buy a Car



Everyone wants the best deal on a car. The truth is that most of the time price doesn’t even really matter. It’s just not the biggest factor people consider when buying a used car. While that may be the initial reason once people get into the buying process you’re able to see that price really doesn’t matter.

1. Reliability: People are more willing to spend as long as they feel the car, truck or SUV they buy is going to be reliable. While maintenance is a big part of a cars life cycle most of us are too busy to spend too much time in a mechanic shop. Repairs can get expensive beyond regular scheduled maintenance. That’s why reliability is extremely important to buyers. The most reliable cars in the world are also amongst the top selling. Older used cars, like the mid-90’s Toyota 4runner, are often still sought after because of their legendary reliability.

2. Interior Comfort: We all spend an enormous amount of time in our cars. Most of it is while stuck in traffic trying to get home. A vehicle we can all be comfortable in is the second most important thing we look for when buying car. As time goes on the car becomes more an extension of us rather than just a car, truck or SUV.

3. Style: No one wants to get stuck driving their grandpas car. Because of that exterior styling has become the third most important aspect of buying a car.

4. MPG: Gas is now a major expense for people and the less we have to spend on it the better. It would be nice if we could go back to the days where it only cost .99 cents but those days are long gone. While oil prices have been stable lately it’s still nice to get 30mpg or more.

5. How it was built: When buying a car we want to know that it was built sturdy. People want quality, hard work and dedication to go into what they bought. They want to know that it was built to last.

6. Dealer convenience or liked dealership: It’s different if you’re buying a new car or a used car. When buying new people will most likely go with a dealership they like rather than one they don’t. If it’s a used car they’re much more flexible in this part of the decision process. They are also more likely to buy from someone in the area rather than drive long distances or look for the best deal.

7. Performance: Whether you buy a car because you want to get from point A to point B how it handles is a big factor in the purchase. Driving a car that is fun to drive makes a world of difference compared to one that isn’t. If you’ve ever had to drive around a car you dreaded getting into you’ll understand.

8. Image is everything: Whether you want to admit it or not image is a big part of buying a car, truck or SUV. Our vehicle sends a message about us. What we drive is a part of our overall story and how we like to live life.

9. Technology: There now is wifi built into cars. How cool would it be to go camping and have internet access coming from your Ford? I think that’s a big game changer. Internet radio, blue tooth and plenty of other things are making their way into a vehicle.

10. Safety: It’s crazy to think that safety is the number 10 most important reason people buy a car. I guess no one goes into the purchase thinking that they will get into an accident. It would be nice to have that type of security just in case.


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