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Do you remember back in high school how there was a grade scale?

100-90 was an A

90-80 was a B

80-70 was a C

70-60 was a D

Below 50 was an F

Well that’s in many ways like your credit score. It has levels of great, good, fair, and completely bad.

Great Credit: 850-760

Good Credit: 760-680

Fair Credit: 680-620

Bad Credit: Below 620

So in a way you are still being graded, but instead of tests and papers, you’re being graded on how you spend your money. Doesn’t that financial class sound more and more like a good idea to have taken instead of skipping it? Yeah I know it was a boring class! But finding out how to manage your money would have been probably the most useful class to have taken throughout your high school years.

With bad credit there are so many things you can miss out on because

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