The Legendary Mercedes 560SL

The Mercedes 560SL was made by Mercedes-Benz from 1971-1989. The 560SL was released 1 year later in the United states compared to Europe. European buyers had a lot more variety when choosing a Mercedes 560SL model but the American version had a V-8 engine with automatic transmissions. This was because of the upscale preference of buyers in the US in comparison to European buyers.

The 560SL is considered bullet proof in the reliability department combined with timeless style and over satisfying power. It came standard with ABS brakes, side airbag while seat adjustments were carried out manually and the steering wheel remained fixed.

In 1987 the Mercedes 560SL cost $55,300. Now, for less than $10,000 you can own a piece of Mercedes history and a timeless classic.



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