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Buying a car ought to be an exciting experience. However, while purchasing used cars, it may take a while before realizing that your ride is more lemon than road-trip bliss and luxury. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to evaluate a car’s ratings before diving deep into your pockets. Used cars for sale can be rated by assessing their reliability, road-test performance, safety, and owner satisfaction rating. In pursuance of that, Consumer Reports has carried out a survey to see which model caused buyers the most remorse. The following are the most prominent stinkers from the survey: Acura ILX Of all the cars out there, consumers hated driving Acura ILX on a daily basis. The car has been criticized from the start as a pricey model. It has made numerous updates for the 2016 and yet the ratings on these new sedans are no different from older ones. The low satisfaction comes from paint quality, sluggish acceleration, and high levels of road noises, which is hard to believe, considering who Acura's parent company is - Honda. Hondas are nearly always on the top of lists for high quality cars and trucks. Jeep Compass While owners cite the new model as a significantly bet [...]

Although they're one of the easiest ways to travel to work, cars are not affordable for everyone. You might want to go in for a good used car, but you would still need a good credit score when looking for a car loan.

Statista reports that, as of the date of this writing, car loan interest rates hover above a good 4.29%. The average amount of car financing, on the other hand, was around $30,261 by the end of 2016 in the United States.

Most third party institutions like banks require you to have a good credit report before they grant a loan - often a FICO score of 620 or above.

Don't worry, if you are among those unfortunate people whose credit score has taken a beating, there is another alternative - buy here pay here (BHPH) car lots.

The Top 7 Ways to Reduce Your Interest Rate and Save Money on Your Car Loan

Both major financial institutions and BHPH car lots provide loans with interest. Nobody likes [...]

Sometimes you just need a car, but credit challenges and limited funds can make it difficult to get a vehicle that is safe and reliable. Although you may think your options are limited, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually decent used cars on the market for under $2000. First of all, you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of cash in your pocket to get into a vehicle. There are options like second chance finance and buy-here-pay-here dealerships that can help you stretch what funds and credit you do have into the best car or truck for your budget. To get started, you need to examine your budget. There are many factors involved in budgeting for a vehicle purchase. Ask yourself the following: How much cash do you have available to contribute to the purchase? As with most things in life, cash talks. Can you afford a monthly payment? If so, how much? How is your credit? Would you be able to get financing with top lenders (banks, credit unions), or do your credit challenges require you to seek financing with sec [...]
When buying a car on a budget, you may think your options are limited. While it may be true that your circumstances do not allow you to buy a brand new vehicle, you might be surprised at the many options that are available, even if you're looking for used cars under $5,000. To get started, you need to examine your budget. There are many factors involved in budgeting for a vehicle purchase. Some questions to ask might include:  How much cash do you have available to contribute to the purchase?  Can you afford a monthly payment? If so, how much?  How is your credit? Would you be able to get financing with top lenders, or would you need to seek financing with secondary lenders, or directly with the dealer (buy-here-pay-here). If you have some cash to contribute, a good job, and great credit history, you will have many options available. But, if you are like many buyers, you are likely lacking in at least one of the 3 questions [...]

In vehicle merchandising, one core component which is considered by consumers as very important is vehicle history reports. They are comparable to specifications, multiple photos and pricing, only they are much more employed when it comes to used vehicles. CARFAX was the only brand that exists which offered vehicle history reports. They succeeded in building their brand to the point that the vehicle history report is already synonymous to its name. Hence, the popular catch phrase “Show me the CARFAX” is usually heard at car dealerships. For the longest time, It didn’t have a strong competition and they were able to establish their pricing and no one ever complained. That was until Autocheck happened.

Autocheck is a part of Experian which is a trusted global leader in information services focused on helping consumers make the best financial and purchasing decisions. Experian may be trusted but the fact that Autocheck is not as established as CARFAX


One of the benefits of financing a car through Econo Auto Sales is that we make things as convenient as possible. Not only do we finance bad credit and all other credit issues we also can help you figure out how you can rebuild your credit score. On top of that we give you more cash for your trade-in than others in the Denver, Lakewood or Aurora area.

Most people go by NADA and Kelly Blue Book to determine how much their car is worth and what they should get for it. These are nice tools to have but at the end of the day the car business is like any other market out there. The prices fluctuate according to a plethora of factors. Just like how gas prices are plummeting now because of all sorts of different reasons car, truck and SUV prices can also change

Different types of car dealers and dealerships:

There are hundreds of ways to buy a pre-owned or used car. Depending on what you want there are several different variations of broker located in Aurora, Lakewood, Wheatridge, Thornton or Denver. What kind of dealers or dealerships are there and what can they do for you? Below is a list of all the different car dealers and dealerships you can go to and buy a pre-owned or used car.

Auto Broker: An automotive broker will go out and try and find the car, truck or SUV you want. All you need to do is give them specifications on what you’re looking for and they’ll do the rest for you. You can zero in on price, type, color, model, size and whatever else you think of. They do all the work while you can go about

What is a down payment and why is it necessary? When dealing with a loan for just about anything there is a certain amount of risk involved. There are several factors in determining the amount of risk. This risk results in a credit score and is determined mostly by credit history.

When you have bad credit history you become more high risk. This doesn’t make you a bad person. All it really means is that you’ve made some mistakes in the past. Schools don’t teach kids how to manage their finances so most don’t learn later in life until they make a mistake.

These mistakes such as missed payments, repossessions, bankruptcy or foreclosure go onto your bureau as credit history. It is looked upon negatively. Why? If you missed multiple smalls bills such as your cell phone, electricity or water then how’re you going to be able to handle a car payment? I’m not saying [...]


The first thing you should do when looking to buy a car is to find what kind of car you want and or need. Depending on what situation you’re in will determine your own personal wants or needs. Make sure you’re clear on exactly what it is you want. This way it will be much harder for a dealership to upsell you on anything or put you into something you don’t want. If your commute each day is within the city you may need a small car that is easy to park and can get you from point A to point B easily; although if your work makes you travel all over you may need a car that has good gas mileage. Find what you need and expect in a car and then start your car search. If you go out with the attitude that you’ll know what you’ll like when you see it [...]

There are several things you will need before you go to buy a car. These things will help to prove that you are responsible, safe, and a good risk to take. Without these things it will be hard or impossible to get a car. For example, if you do not have a license then you are not able to drive on the roads. For that reason no one would be able to legally sell you a car. Make sure your license or permit is not expired and you should be sure to have it when you go in to any dealership.

Another thing you should defiantly have before you buy a car is full coverage insurance. Without it buying a car will be difficult, especially if you are financing. The full coverage insurance is a peace of mind for you and the [...]

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