Buy Here Pay Here Shopping Guide


When you’re shopping buy here pay here dealerships you most likely are a first time buyer, have bad credit, have no credit or a low down payment. All these things can prevent you from going to a traditional dealership. Bad credit happens to good people but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You can rebuild your future by financing a car, suv or a truck from Econo Auto Sales. We work with outside companies who report your payments which can rebuild your payments and lower your interest rates upon completion of the loan.

If you’re in a tough credit situation and have a lot of bills to pay you don’t want a luxury car or something that will cost you a lot of money. The best car you can get when going buy here pay here shopping is something that won’t cost you much money on a monthly basis. We have a wide range of models to choose from and fully service every vehicle before putting them up for sale. Call us now if you have a low down payment and we’ll give you 45 days to come up with the rest 303-623-1926.

1. Low maintenance: You want a low maintenance car, truck or suv that is overly reliable. You want something that is built to last well into the late 100,000 miles and even can creep well into the 200,000 miles. The best cars that come to mind are the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, a Saturn, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota 4runner, or Ford Taurus. According to Forbes, Lexus and Mazda have the lowest overall average operating costs. All of these cars are low maintenance and can last you a long time with just a little regular maintenance.

2. Favorable depreciation: It’s a well known fact that cars value plummets the second you drive off the lot. According to Forbes, a new vehicle will only be worth 39% of it’s value over 5 years. That’s less than 50% of what it’s worth when you first bought it. This should factor into which vehicles to target when shopping. The cars that retain the most value are the VW TDI, Mini Cooper, Honda Fit, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Raptor, BMW 1M, Audi R8, Ford GT, and Ferrari Enzo which actually gained 115% in value. When shopping buy here pay here these cars are usually out of your range. Buy here pay here cars you should target are Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota 4runner and also Honda Accord or Honda Civics.

When you go to a buy here pay here dealership the loans are usually short term because they’re considered high risk. Often times your loan will be 36 months or less. This can work in your favor if you target models that don’t lose as much value over the long run. You’ll own your car faster and have a higher credit score to show for it. It’s a win win in both scenarios.

3. Great Gas mileage: Gas prices are going down but it’s still a significant expense for most people. When rebuilding your credit you’ll want to keep your expenses as low as possible while paying as much money towards the debt as you possibly can. Gas is a quick and easy place to start and you’ll want a car that gets great MPG. You don’t need a hybrid to get great gas mileage. Honda’s, Geo metro, Saturn, Toyota’s, Nissan’s and other models have long been getting excellent gas mileage long before going green was cool.

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