What You Need To Buy A Car

There are several things you will need before you go to buy a car. These things will help to prove that you are responsible, safe, and a good risk to take. Without these things it will be hard or impossible to get a car. For example, if you do not have a license then you are not able to drive on the roads. For that reason no one would be able to legally sell you a car. Make sure your license or permit is not expired and you should be sure to have it when you go in to any dealership.

Another thing you should defiantly have before you buy a car is full coverage insurance. Without it buying a car will be difficult, especially if you are financing. The full coverage insurance is a peace of mind for you and the dealer ship. It makes sure that if you happen to get into an accident or if the car is stolen that all payments will be paid and you can still get another car. Most dealerships will ask you to get insurance within 24 hours of buying the car if you don’t already have it. Getting the insurance before you get the car will also tell you how much you can really afford to spend on a new or used car.

A good thing to bring with you is proof of employment and a paystub or two. Bringing these things will help move along the process of finding an affordable car. The proof of employment can be a simple letter with your boss’s signature, number and a small explanation of how many hours you work and how much you make. From there they can simply call your boss and make sure that what you said was true. Your paystubs will tell the finance manager what you make each paycheck and if you would be able to make the agreed monthly payments or if they would need to work out a different payment schedule.

A proof of residency will tell the dealership how long you have lived in said state or town and if you are reliable. Getting a letter from your landlord, much like the letter from your boss will be alright. It should state how much you pay in rent and how long you have lived there and give the dealer ship a way to contact them. If you are a person who moves around a lot you may not be as reliable as most dealer ships may like. That doesn’t mean they can’t work with you, but the longer you have spent in one place the better for yourself.

“How much down payment do you have?” is one question you will never escape. Down payment is an important part of buying a car. Places can work with you if you have only $200 down maybe a little more than that, but the bigger the down payment is, the larger your car selection can be. Putting $1500 down will increase your chances of getting the car you want and to pay it off even quicker. Also by having a larger down payment it will make the finance manager eager to work with you on the monthly payments and possibly lower them to something you can be more comfortable with.

Buying a car is easy when you have these things ready. It is a simple and small list to bring with you: License, proof of employment, proof of residence, paystubs, down payment, and insurance. These things will prove that you are responsible, reliable, safe, and ready to work out a way to get the car you want and or need.


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