Where To Buy a Car in Lakewood, Colorado



Lakewood, Colorado is sandwiched between beautiful Golden and Denver. If you’re looking for a truck, suv or car in Lakewood you’re in luck. There are plenty of of used car dealers and dealerships in the area for whatever needs you may have. If you’re looking for a new car, used car, truck, sports car, economical car, import or european sports car there are plenty of dealers to choose from.

Every car lot offers a different type of financing. Depending on your credit there are certain ones you should go into and others you should avoid. If you’ve got great A+ credit than you have a lot of different options all of which will be for low interest rates. If you’ve got not so good credit don’t worry you still have plenty of options. In Lakewood there are plenty of car lots and car dealerships that will work with you.

There are certain things they take into consideration before financing. Here are the main ones.

1. Job history: The more job history you have the better. Job history is important because to pay for your car loan you have to have some sort of steady income. Without steady income it’s hard to manage your financing. Finding a job takes a lot of time and energy and when you don’t have one paying a bill isn’t always your top priority. The longer you have the same job the better.

If you don’t have steady job history you can still find a car dealership that will work with you as long as you have a pay stub. A pay stub provides proof that you’re getting some kind of income.

2. Place of residence: Lakewood is well known for being one of the most affordable places you can live in Colorado. It’s not to far away from anywhere important either so you can get around very easily if you need to go to Downtown Denver, go to the mountains to go skiing or Snowboarding or head up to the mountains for some great hiking trails. Because rent is so low it may be easier for you to finance a car because your debt to income ratio will be low. Having a place to live is also important when buying a car in Lakewood because it shows a certain measure of stability.

3. Down Payment: Most people want to put down as little money as possible with the lowest payments possible. If you have great credit this is very doable. If you have not so great credit and a low down payment then it’s a little more difficult. Putting more money down actually works heavily in your favor. When you put more money down in Lakewood it lowers the principal balance of the loan which saves you money on interest.

There are places in Lakewood that will work with you for as little as $99 down and $99 a month but you have to know where to look. There are also places that may give you 45-60 days to complete your down payment and 60 days before your first payment is due. This means you can buy a car, suv or truck for very little money down while saving up for your first payment.

The best thing to do during your car search in Lakewood is to do a little research. If you do a little work you can save a lot more money over the long run. Everyone wants to save money and by simply reading up on the many Lakewood car dealers you can find the best deals. If you have bad or no credit the best dealerships to look for are Lakewood buy here pay here car lots who will work with you until you get back on your feet.



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