Why Insurance Is Always Important

Having insurance for all motor vehicles is an important part of having your license. The DMVs warn young drivers to get insurance right away and most, if not all, used car dealerships in Denver require you to have full coverage insurance before they let you drive off the lot with your new car. This is to protect yourself and the car in a potential accident in the near or far future. Not getting the insurance can be a potential disaster later down the road.

Young drivers are inexperienced with driving on the roads making them automatically a little more dangerous than other more experienced people. Even if they have been taught well, insurance is an important safe net for every driver, especially the newer drivers. They could be easily distracted or frightened and step on the break quickly causing the person behind them to crash into their car. They could also step on the gas and launch forward into another car and possibly cause that car to crash into the one in front of them.

This would put the young driver at fault, and if they didn’t have insurance it could empty their wallets or the parents. If they did have insurance though it would still cost a lot of money but the insurance company would

be able to help you out by paying a large portion of the payments due.

Having insurance on your car can help you out even if you weren’t at fault. Accidents can happen for no reason sometimes. Running from the accident might make you at fault automatically and the insurance companies will seek you out for the payments that the insurance company had to pay to the other person for their car repairs and possibly their medical as well. Doing the smart thing and exchanging information with the person you hit or who hit you will help speed up the claims and settle the payments for each party.

Be smart and get the persons license number, name, number, insurance, and if you have a Smartphone take pictures of the license plate and the damages to the vehicles. Mark the date, time, and place of the accident as well. The insurance companies may need that information to file the claims correctly and efficiently and having it ready for them to look at can make the already fast process even faster.

Many people might think that if they drive safely that they won’t need to get insurance. The average safe driver may go at least 8 years without ever needing to file an insurance claim because of an accident; some may go even longer than that. Safe driving can increasingly lessen your risks of getting into an accident.

It’s important to follow the rules of the road and pay attention to your surroundings. Other people may not pay attention to what is around them but you certainly can. Having a clean driving record can make it so that you don’t have to pay as much on insurance as someone who has gotten a speeding ticket or a DUI. Insurance is still important but so is paying attention to the road like you should.

Some cars are safer than others

The combination of safe driving and full coverage insurance will save you a lot more money then what you spend each month by writing the insurance check. Insurance isn’t just for the car though. It is also for your own peace of mind.

People who don’t have insurance may not worry about their car or care about it either, until something happens to them. On the other hand, the people who are smart and get insurance don’t have to fret over their cars. They know that if they get into an accident or even if their car gets stolen that their insurance will take over and make sure that everything is taken care of. A person without insurance would have to pay for the damages to their car out of their own wallets. Worse is if their car gets stolen. With no insurance there is no way for the person to pay for a new car completely without figuratively breaking themselves.

There are far more benefits to having insurance than to not have any. The insurance can over damages, medical expenses, pay for a new car if it had been totaled or stolen, and even pay for the other cars damages to lessen the costs on you. Once again safe driving can lessen the chances of most of these happening quite significantly.

Insuring your teens once they get their permit should always be a priority, even though the insurance rates will increase. After a time of your young driver being on the road the cost of your insurance will go down, as long as they keep a clean driving record. So teach your young how to drive safely before you let them loose on the roads, and practice safe driving yourself.



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