Why We Love Ford

Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest automotive builders and sellers of vehicles with 111 years of service. They were founded June 16th of 1903 by Henry Ford. Over the past century they have grown to become a worldwide company with their head quarters placed in Dearborn, Michigan. The company is run mostly by the Ford family. The Ford Company produces automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, and automotive parts. Their services include: vehicle servicing, vehicle leasing, and automotive financing, including used cars in Denver.

fordson tractor

Fordson Tractor

The Ford Company is an American made automotive company and just like all the other American made vehicles they are built tough. Their cars last for several years and are relatively easy to fix and maintain making them more affordable for the average person. There are over 150 thousand people employed with the Ford Company that are involved with each process of the automotive industry. These people help design and build the cars, testing new technologies and inspecting them before they go to the dealerships to be sold.

Unlike most automotive companies Ford actually built more machinery for other uses. They built Fordson tractors in their home town until 1928. In 1919 they spread their tractor business to Ireland and later on to England. In 1986 Ford bought Sperry-New Holland skid-steer loader and hay bale along with the tools and created Ford-New Holland. Eventually they bought out Versatile in 1988 but in 1993 Ford had been bought by Fiat and the name changed to New Holland. The Ford tractors were used by many all over the world for several decades.

They also built a lot of the cargo trucks that transported goods between states and cities. There was the production of the Ford Cargo line that became a part of Iveco in 1986. These trucks where very flat faced and

ford e-series van

Ford E-Series Van

hauled small loads. In the United States the Ford Company had a heavy trucks division that could haul more heavy loads then the average made truck. This division was sold in 1987 to Freightliner Trucks and turned into the Semi-Trucks you see on the high ways now. They also created the F-650 which is the current days tow trucks.

Believe it or not, Ford also built buses. They started off with the E-Series, a van that could seat 1-12 people and are still used in America as small buses. Eventually the B700 became popular with the help of Ward, Blue Bird, and Thomas Built. The school bus you see today was a body manufactured by Thomas Built with a Ford engine to power it.

Ford Fusion at NASCAR

Ford Fusion at NASCAR

The company also participated in several motor sports. A lot of their cars are raced in NASCAR such as the Ford Fusion, the Mustang, and the F-150. In the Formula One racing Ford was heavily involved and supplied engines to several teams for nearly 40 years. The Ford engines won over 170 Grand Prix races in 1967 to 2003. They withdrew from the races in 2004 when Jaguar lost each race for 5 years. Although the Jaguar couldn’t keep up with its’ sisters it definitely tells you how good of a performance Ford engines can provide.

What about the environment though? How does Ford try and reduce the harm they do? Well they used compressed natural gas (CNG). Most of their cars have a duel tank; one that can hold gasoline and another tank that holds the CNG. There is a switch that allows you easy use of either one. They also provide cars that can use ethanol fuel, gasoline, or bioethanol fuel. There are Electric vehicles and Hybrid electric vehicles as well. The Hybrid was created by an agreement between Toyota and Ford that allowed for Ford to create the new Hybrid vehicles. The electric car will be a huge portion of Fords line up in less than a decade.

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The government has been pressuring the automotive companies to make better fuel economy cars. Ford is working toward installing over 5,000 electric chargers in people’s homes for the new line of cars. They have also been testing Hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines. This new type of technology will improve air health, decrease noise levels, and help respiratory health. Ford launched a production of hydrogen powered shuttles instead of the standard powered engines for use at airports.

Ford Escape Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid

The storage tank for the hydrogen is set at the center where the automatic transmission would normally sit. This placement gives the hydrogen fueled engine a range of 350 miles, the farthest these kinds of vehicles have gone so far. The fuel cell Explorer is one of many vehicles including the Ford Escape Hybrid that has started to use this kind of technology. They continue to test other resources to find an even better way to fuel cars that won’t harm the environment or the economy.

Ford is an outstanding company that has helped to move our economy forward with employing over 150,000 people and helping our environment with constant technological advances. Their hybrid technologies and their increased investment into the hydrogen tanks proves their determination to help decrease the pollution and help make our world become a clean one. With 111 years of experimenting, evolving, and providing services for their consumers they are one of the more trusted companies to have something that will fit for any needs or desires that anyone may have. A Ford love is indeed a long love.



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