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Bad things happen to good people. Everyone falls on hard times. The difference is in what you do to get back onto your feet. When you’re buried in debt it can feel like the weight of the world bearing down on your shoulders. While you need to take out loans to re-establish credit no one will loan you anything to do so. Getting a credit card with a small credit line is next to impossible and it would hardly do anything to improve your score anyways.

So what’s the answer? Unlike other used car dealerships, buy here pay here dealers are typically the only car lots willing to take any kind of chance, because they’ll finance bad credit. They are known as a buy here pay here car dealership, special finance or bad credit auto dealers. The only difference being that special finance usually deals with people who want to buy newer cars.


What is the buy here pay here advantage? There is a lot of confusion out there on buy here pay here and how it all works. The basic idea is that it is a way to finance someone who has bad credit or no credit. Bad credit issues that a place like Econo Auto Sales will work with are bankruptcy, foreclosure, missed payments, repossession or any other related issues. If you can’t get financed through a traditional bank or credit union contact us and we can work with you.

Advantage #1: Financing a car with no money down

Financing a used car with no money down sounds good at first but when you take a look at the numbers it’s not always the best route to go. Uncle Sam always gets his cut and car dealerships are no different. Econo auto Sales pays your taxes up front and a small down payment won’t always be

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